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Road Atlanta MX5 Cup Season Finale Was a Hard One

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TTR Sorry everyone for the delay in posts. The season finale at Road Atlanta did not go to plan.

At all.

When I arrived in Atlanta I did so with something like food poisoning, missing the first day of Testing. I was miserable in bed (and running to the bathroom) with the heat blasting. It wasn’t the ideal start to the weekend. I figured at that point we were off to a rough start, but feeling well enough to practice on day 2 things were looking up. We were quick, and getting quicker. One of the most important things you can do when facing averse conditions is to sack up and get it done. This is one thing I am good at. So we continued getting quicker and quicker. My sector times were very good, and we were strong in all the right places. With good coaching (Jim and Justin!) and data we really picked up and despite missing the first day of testing we were really strong and really optimistic.

Tim Paul Onboard Road America

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Onboard of Road America Race 1 of the 2015 Mazda MX5 Cup Presented by Battery Tender. We had the beat car, unfortunately the race was ended about 20 minutes early because of lengthy caution periods.