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Off Strong Run at Watkins Glen, Tim Paul Shoots for More Results

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off_strong_run_at_watkins_glen Mahopac, NY – Fresh off a pair of sixth place finishes at Watkins Glen International, driver Tim Paul and his Screaming Monkey Racing team are hoping for more success as his F2000 season extends through early October. Paul battled through tricky conditions at the Glen, including off and on rain for three straight days – and a race that started wet and ended dry for the CellMark Paper entry. 

Paul, who drives for Arms Up Motorsports in USF2000, and GTP Motorsports in F2000, and under the Screaming Monkey Racing banner in both as an AJ Foyt Racing development driver, has had an up and down 2013 campaign thus far.

“I was taken out at St. Pete by a lapped car trying too hard and not looking in his mirrors on the last lap while running in the top 10,” said Paul. “On Memorial Day weekend at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, after 500 laps of testing and practice, we had a mechanical issue on lap two and we finished dead last. I wanted nothing more than to pull myself out of the cockpit and take a sledge hammer to every body panel on that car. Instead we gathered ourselves up and went on to Watkins Glen with the F2000 Championship Series, and pulled two sixth places.

Race 1 featured 40 drivers flying into turn one in the 99th race in F2000 Championship history. Paul had a strong start and finished a competitive and drama free sixth position. The team is still trying to find the right blend of downforce and speed in the No. 06 entry. “We are close to being a podium finisher in the rest of our races. With my schedule of racing, work and school it has been hard to find the time to test as much as we had hoped. With school finished we hope to find the time to dial in the car.”

“Race two, No. 100 in series history , was probably my most comfortably competitive wet race. I was having fun again,” Paul explained.

The Mahopac driver, a recent Franklin Pierce University graduate, ran as high as fourth from tenth on the grid after lap one on Saturday.

“I was having fun throwing the car around in the wet,” Paul noted. “I was making outside moves in the carousel to pass cars and having a very aggressive battle with David Grant for the majority of the race. That resulted in running the second half of the race with effectively no front wing on the car.”

Paul continued: “I had a great time. I love the cat and mouse back and forth battles, the drag race from exit to entrance. The mental games, the leaning-on of other drivers to try and mentally make them make a mistake. That’s what I really love about racing, the confrontation of competition between two guys or more, face to face. We might be behind helmets on the track but there are no masks. Everyone’s true self shines through. You know what a guy is made of the second you run up through the esses at Watkins Glen less than inch apart at full speed and nobody lifts, and nobody puts the other guy in the wall.”

Next up, Paul and the gang travel with the Indy Car Series and USF2000 to Toronto on July 12-14 and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on August 2-4, and then again with F2000, August 9-11, before Summit Point, WV to conclude the F2000 Series season, August 23-25. T

Then it’s another two weekends with USF2000 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in California September 6-8 and finishing the season with IndyCar in Foyt’s hometown of Houston, Texas October 4-6.

Paul commented: “Racing has taken me all over the North American continent, and I am a better person for it, in every respect. It has taught me that I am capable of so much more mental and physical toughness than I would have ever thought; that the iron core in me is alive and well, and still unbroken and unbending. That there are others who share this resilience with me and match me step for step in competition and that there are those who will support me in everything I do because they believe in me, because I believe in them.

“I know it sounds hokey but when drivers thank their crew in interviews it is because we really couldn’t be anything near what we are without them. If we are the face of a team, they are the brain, the heart and the arms and legs. And I have some pretty damn awesome appendages.”